Im Ola Persson,
a tech-creative.

Hire me as a consultant or full production for your project. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Unity 3d - Games for iOs and Android.
Unity 3d - Apps for iOs and Android.
Unity 3d - for AR / VR.
Website server side - PHP, MYSQL, Node JS.
Website frontend - HTML 5, Css, Javascript.
HTML 5 - Web-applications
HTML 5 - Games
Adobe - ExtendScript for Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.
Sound - Max / Msp (For Ableton Live and more).
Lightwave 3d - Lscript and Python
Maya - Python
AI and neural networks

Structured light - 3d scanning.
Photogrammetry - 3d scanning.
Rapid prototyping - 3d printing.
Polygonal models to CAD.
Realtime 3d models.
Still images and animations.

Web Sites: