Oh, no! The realm is in great danger! Help Coneman collect the four crystals and save the realm. Good luck!

Coneman is a simple, fun and casual classic platform game. Jump, shoot and collect bonus objects on your way through the 48 levels, 4 boss fights and an EPIC final fight.

Inspired by the classic arcade games from the 80's; Coneman uses familiar 2D style gameplay extended with realtime 3D graphics and camera angles.

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Spiny Lobsters In Snaplantis

Spiny Lobster citizen of Snaplantis!

Today (as every day) we celebrate the National Snapple Day! As usual, we conga all night long on the bottom of the ocean! The longer the conga line, the better!

Our insurance doesn’t cover conga collisions, so don’t crash! Or the party is over! Enjoy the all-you-can-eat Snapple buffet and let the festivities begin!

1K 3D Pong

3D Pong using only a canvas tag & 1k javascript

A 3d Pong game I programmed and submitted to the competition. A competition about JavaScript scripts no larger than 1k. It's amasing how much you can fit in 1k, when pushing the limits like this. Game programming, geometry, mouse interaction & a full 3d engine!

View source Full Source Code - Only 1024 Bytes A=window;D=Math;E=D.floor;F=D.sin;G=D.cos;H=D.abs;I=document;C=I.getElementById("c");C.height=P=A.innerHeight;C.width=Q=A.innerWidth;I.onmousemove=function(e){q=e.pageX-Q/2};C=C.getContext("2d");C.B=C.lineTo;d=33;c=[];for(i=8;i--;)c[i]=[E((i+1)/2%2),E(i/4),E(i/2%2)];function R(p,x,r){y=(x+1)%3;z=(x+2)%3;n=[];n[x]=p[x]*G(r)-p[z]*F(r);n[y]=p[y];n[z]=p[z]*G(r)+p[x]*F(r);return n}q=a=g=o=.2;t=[[0,0,0,1,1],[0,0,-15,5,1],[0,0,15,5,1],[-12,-1,-16,25,d]];setInterval(function(){C.clearRect(0,0,Q,P);a+=.01;for(h in t){u=[];v=t[h];if(h<1){J=v[0]+=g;K=v[2]+=o;if(H(J)>12)g=-g;if(H(K)>16)v[0]=v[2]=0}else if(h<3){v[0]=X=D.max(D.min(q/20*(h*2-3)-2,8),-12);if(K+1>v[2]&&KX&&J2)];m=u[i+4];C.moveTo(j[0],j[1]);C.B(k[0],k[1]);C.B(l[0],l[1]);C.B(m[0],m[1]);C.strokeStyle=\'#A13\'}C.stroke()}},d)//PINGPONG

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Volume Of 3d Mesh

Calculate the volume of a closed triangle mesh in Lightwave

I programmed this Lscript to calculate the volume of any closed triangulated 3d mesh & display the volume in litres. Seems to work correctly but I can't guarantee the accuracy, at least not for complex shapes. It does however give correct results on simple geometry... And probably on complex shapes to. Based on math found here.

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