A Tile Map Editor 2

A level editing web application for tile based games

A Tile Mape Editor 2, is a versitale editor for tile map games, with more features then the prior version. It's an online and completely open source tile map editor developed in html and javascript. Use it online or download and modify as you wish.

1. The level draws in canvas, allowing large maps with small blocks.
2. Multiple tile sets in different resolutions and tile layouts.
3. Multiple tile map layers for levels.
4. Parallax scrolling while editing.
5. Unity 3d javascript export with helper classes.
... And more.

Project Strindberg

Your desk drawer on the Internet!

Me and Samuel Nyholm (www.sany.dk) created the Project Strindberg; the website where your personal literary work - novels, short stories, essays, aphorisms, poems, jokes, riddles or basically anything in written form - can be published, commented upon, discussed and, most importantly, read, by other users from all over the world.

Our / Vodka

Our/Berlin is the first chapter in the Our/Vodka project. A collaboration product between me, Great Works and Pernod Ricard - V&S Vin & Sprit AB. Our/Vodka is a locally produced vodka with a smooth taste from the global recipe. But as the micro-distilleries only use local ingredients, every chapter has it's own local character and will only be available in the region where it's produced. The product comes in a 350ml bottle, sealed with a crown cap and can't be closed once opened. The product design is a mix of geometrical and material

simplicity combined with subtile sharp typographical detailing. The Our/Berlin chapter, located at Am Flutgraben 2 in Berlin is the first vodka micro-distillery, bar and store to open. This chapter is run by Pauline and Jon from Paul Sanders (www.paulsanders.de), be sure to pay them a visit if you're near by! In this groundbreaking collaborative project, I drew the bottle and worked on the graphic design and product concept, a truly inspiring experience spanning for over two years.


The high-score based game community, with simple game concepts and a comprehensible graphic outlook

Me and Samuel Nyholm (www.sany.dk) created the game community Heyscore. To this date we created 8 fabolous game for our community members to compete in.

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